"Magic and Adventure have come to Colorado!"
   This first book in what promises to be a great new series is a very engaging and entertaining novel in the fantasy genre. Guaranteed to entertain kids and adults alike, this book would be particularly memorable to enjoy as a family. The author's distinctive take on his magical and mystical world is unique, refreshing, and fun.

   The whimsical tale begins with two wizards battling it out over a supreme magical force which the evil and power-hungry one covets. Although injured in the fight, the magical essence manages to escape. It is accidentally transported off its home planet of Eldora and makes its way to Earth where, unbeknownst to the 16 year old Dylan Murphy, it merges with his body in order to heal and survive. Strange and wonderful things begin to happen as the unsuspecting young boy from Colorado begins to inadvertently invoke extraordinary new magical abilities from within.

   The evil sorcerer soon locates the magical essence, and deploys his minions to retrieve his prize. Opposing forces from the kingdom of Colabra are dispatched to protect the boy and the magical entity now living inside him. Before they know it, Dylan and a small group of friends are whisked away to the enchanted planet of Eldora and find themselves in a struggle to save each other and the planet from a powerful wicked foe.

   Full of action, adventure, and enchantment, this story takes you on a delightful ride across very real venues in the state of Colorado as well as some unique, beautiful, and strange lands on Eldora. If you enjoy fantasy books, you'll quickly become a Dylan fan as you accompany him and his friends on this incredible, supernatural journey.
   In this exciting page-turner, Dylan Murphy and his friends are back and better than ever. A sequel to the original ‘Dylan Murphy and the Magic Touch’, this is a must read for teens and fantasy fans of all ages.
   Having defeated the evil wizard Zondor, Dylan and his friends are once again back home in Colorado. Secretly, they begin to work hard at honing their newfound mystical abilities. Romance begins to bloom as they privately practice and refine their skills at an undisclosed location.

   Officer John Warren, an Aurora police sergeant, is hard at work trying to solve a horrific case when events on Eldora summon the entire crew back to the enchanted planet. Wasting no time, Dylan and the gang must rush to the aid of their friends who need help protecting the city of Colabra from its darkest foe: an extremely evil power bent on absolute dominion over the planet.
   Far more than just a sequel, this book weaves together a detailed mystical framework that will captivate the reader as it explains much of the history and background underlying both books in the Dylan Murphy series.

   Sit back and enjoy a thrilling, yet very easy read as the author takes you on an edge-of-your-seat action-packed magic carpet ride. Your imagination will come alive as you discover new characters, excitement, adventure, unexpected twists and turns, and a touch of romance. You will also be treated to many ‘aha’ moments as you begin to understand who the characters are, how they manage to wield their mystical powers, and why some are far more powerful than others.

   An absolute rush and nonstop page turner you simply won't be able to put down.
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